Lori on November 10th, 2013
Acholi Children thank you!

Acholi Children thank you!

Last year our Christmas in Acholiland was a huge success!!  We hope that 2013 is exactly the same.   Please share this link with everyone you know!

I tuned my radio to my favorite station today and they are playing Christmas music from now until the holiday is over.  It is the time of year when holiday music rings through car stereos and shopping experiences are full of jingle bells, decorations and lights bringing a warm atmosphere and new life to homes across America as families gather together.  We go on a mission for that perfect gift for our loved ones, and then overdo it just because we can.  This is the season of Love, resounding Joy and the season of family.

Americans Spending the same amount on Gifts in 2013 than 2012.   Americans will be spending a little more money on gifts in 2013 than they did last year. In 2011, the average American spent $646 on holiday gifts. In 2013 the estimate is $786.   On Average each American family that traveled during the holidays spent $2500.00.  Nearly nine in 10 U.S. adults say they will spend some amount of money this year on Christmas gifts. Underscoring the importance Americans place on holiday gift giving, 30% — identical to last year — plan to spend at least $1,000, and half plan to spend at least $500. Only 3% intend to spend less than $10

One in 10 parents said the plan was to spend over $500 per child. While this is just an average, American families can definitely spend an astronomical amount of money on Christmas gifts.

Over the course of the entire year, Americans spend 6.96 billion hours on figuring out gifts for “hard to shop for” people according to Giftovus. The total annual cost of “bad” gifts is $49 billion dollars in wasted spending according to Giftovus.  What if the money spent on these unwanted and useless gifts that are re-gifted or thrown out could be used for children in need?

As we watch our children open their gifts on Christmas, please remember the 147 million orphans worldwide who won’t receive a gift from a parent, or anyone.  Some of them may even be starving and hungry!

What about the orphans?  The children with no family, in war affected areas, children orphaned and affected by AIDS, children who have no idea about Christmas?  What about our Strong Heart Children in Uganda?

You can make Christmas possible for these children!

These are children who suffer daily just through their daily life.   As we celebrate this season with our families we must remember those who cannot and will not be celebrating.  But we have an opportunity to change that for a few children in Northern Uganda, and you can help!!!  This holiday season remember our Acholi children who live in survival mode each day.

Some of these children for the first time ever, will receive the love of God through new shoes, new mattresses and a family Christmas feast!!!

Would you consider giving if your gift didn’t include something that goes under a tree? What if your gift allowed children to rest above the ground cleanly and safely as they sleep on a new mattress replacing filthy rags over mattresses soaked with urine, mud and years of wear? What if your gift allowed children to walk for miles without their feet touching soil.  New shoes would bring new life to these precious souls.  What if your gift would allow the children to eat until full without worry that there will never be any more??

Only you can help us make this happen for our children!  You do not need to have a PayPal account to donate.  Simply select Pay by Credit Card Option after clicking the button.  We are caring for 80 children this year!  Please help!

Here is what we need to make this happen:

Donate a Bull or a Part of the Bull to the Children:  $250 for the bull (yes a bull) for the celebratory feast  They will also dry the left over meat for future meals!

Bull Donation Options
In Memoriam or Honor of

Donate a Live Goat that the children can enjoy throughout the year, meat and milk!

Goat Donation Options
In Honor or Memoriam

Donate a Live Chicken that the children can enjoy throughout the year, meat and eggs and chicks!

Chicken Donation Options
In Honor or Memoriam

$25 each sleeping mattress per child and caretaker (They need about 40)

Orphan Bedding Options


$30 for each child to have shoes, clothing and pay for their meals for the next month  (there are 60)

Shoes and Food Donation

$50 for each caregiver that has worked without any pay whatsoever for every single day.  This will give them encouragement and allow them to buy necessary items they need for their own lives.   (there are 8 of these) Please ask yourself how can we bless the adults that care for the children selflessly without pay?

Love Offering for Caregiver

School Fees and School Uniform, In Uganda education is not free.


Yearly School Fees and School Uniform

Donate Any Amount to Christmas in Acholiland!!

We need to buy the following so any amount of donation can go towards that!:

  • Bales of used clothing $300.00
  • Entertainment (we hire a stereo system that will cost us $250.00
  • Other Food:   1 sack of rice $150.00, cooking oil $45.00, sodas $150.00, potatoes $50.00
  • Celebration cakes $25.00 (we need two)
  • Sodas and Sweets for the children ($100.00)

Pay By Check


Make payable to “Little Miracles International” on the “for” identification line of the check, please write the project name “Christmas in Acholiland” and send to:

Christmas in Acholiland
Little Miracles International
PO BOX 19776
Amarillo, Texas 79114

What in that great list of gifts of American spending each year above, can you give up to give a needy at risk child this season?  The children deserve what we can afford, and we must show them the love of God on this holiday season.  We will send the money on December 18th, but any amount we receive after that would be a big blessing!!

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Lori on June 13th, 2013

me and toots good picWith 9.4% per 1,000 live births, Romania has the highest infant mortality rate in the European Union, the main cause being pre-term birth. According to doctors, one third of these deaths may be prevented through the development of mother and infant support programmes and by providing maternity hospitals and newborn wards with high-performance equipment.

Save the Children Organisation struggles to improve these figures, and has joined an international programme called Every One, conducted by Save the Children International and aiming at reducing mortality rates among children under 5 by 15% until 2015.

To this end, two years ago the Romanian organisation launched a large-scale project entitled Every Child Matters. As part of this programme, the organisation runs a fund-raising campaign called Welcome to the World. So far, this campaign has helped 15 maternity hospitals in Romania buy new equipment to save the children who were born prematurely. The funds collected last year by Save the Children Romania from individual and corporate donors exceeded one million lei. As many as 42 employees and 800 volunteers from across the country have become involved in this campaign to reduce child death rates.

At the end of the programme, Save the Children Romania was able to provide the Cantacuzino Hospital in Bucharest with a portable incubator and the Polizu Maternity Hospital with a medical ventilator worth 24,000 euros. Gabriela Alexandrescu, executive president of Save the Children Romania explains:

“According to our estimates, the equipment we have offered will help save 327 newborns and will ensure a normal birth for 380 babies. Naturally, we would like this programme to go on.”

Across the country, the medical equipment in maternity hospitals is insufficient and obsolete. To make things even worse, there is a chronic shortage of medical staff, says Adrian Craciun, the head of the Neonatology Department of the Cantacuzino Hospital in Bucharest:

“We are a small maternity ward. We only have 2,200 births a year, but over 20% of the infants in our care are premature babies, because newborns with problems are transferred here from other hospitals. Last week alone, we received three babies from three different hospitals, and two of them needed ventilation equipment. Unfortunately, we cannot take all of them in, because we don’t have enough beds. Our Intensive Care Ward only has 9 beds, and I’m afraid very soon we will not be able to take on any more transfers, because our facilities are insufficient. This is a serious problem, and I don’t know whether we can solve it.”

Under-funding remains a serious problem for the Romanian healthcare system. Adrian Craciun, the head of the Neonatology Department of the Cantacuzino Hospital in Bucharest says this year his unit received less money than last year for the four programmes it is implementing: the premature birth programme, the respiratory virus infection programme, the nutritional prophylaxis programme and a programme for the identification of hearing problems in newborns:

“Last year we received 4 billion lei, and this year only 600 million. This is a huge difference. We are literally living on last year’s funds. We used this money to buy everything we needed, but all of a sudden we no longer received any funding. You cannot treat a newborn with thin air.”

The Health Ministry will rehabilitate and provide equipment for 20 maternity hospitals around the country, under a World Bank-funded programme, State Secretary Adrian Pana announced:

“This programme to rehabilitate maternity hospitals and provide them with equipment, which is financed by the World Bank, is a long-term programme. Some parts of it have been finalised, others are ongoing, and we are discussing a new World Bank loan for further investments, for medical equipment, among others. But I would like to make one thing clear: child mortality is not exclusively related to maternity hospitals. Child death rates are a complex indicator that is relevant for the stage of development of a nation. It is very important to have well equipped hospitals where mothers and newborns may receive adequate healthcare services. But it is also extremely important for children safety and health to be ensured outside hospitals as well. The public healthcare system and other systems may do a lot in this respect, and this will reflect in the drop of child mortality rates.”

“All children have the right to live. No one can take that right from them,” says the executive president of Save the Children Romania, Gabriela Alexandrescu, who added that the organisation would continue to raise funds this year, so as to make sure that as many healthcare units as possible may benefit from the equipment they need to care for premature babies.

Radio Romania International   Balkans.com Business News Correspondent – 13.06.2013


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Lori on December 6th, 2012
The Bake Sale for the orphanage was a HUGE success!

The Bake Sale for the orphanage was a HUGE success!

The Sunday School Class of St. Andrews International Church in Athens, said they would help, and they did! They had a bake sale, not the traditional bake sale. Think Greece…think Baklava and beautiful handmade cakes, cookies and pastries!!! People love our children all over the world!

Imagine an European country in the midst of a crisis and austerity measures. Imagine Greece, where for the few that still have a jobs, they find themselves making forty percent less than they did two years ago. Since they are employed, they are expected to support not only their immediate family, but extended as well. It is not that they do not look for work or desire to work, but the country’s unemployment rate is above twenty-five percent and major companies are leaving monthly. It’s capital loses families and young people weekly as they move back to the country side in order to start over and live off the land. As with the people so goes business: store fronts fold up and their windows are covered with newspapers. It’s law makers are above the law, but their constituents are asked to pay for their indulgences and greed.

Amongst such circumstances a call went out to help orphans. Yes, those that heard the call saw and understand need, frustration and hurt these past few years. However they knew they were still better off than the orphans in Uganda. So a small church congregation in the suburbs of Athens, Greece joined together and mixed sugar, wheat, eggs, oil and spices to bake goodies to sell for the orphans. One family prayed that they would raise six to seven hundred dollars while another family prayed for a thousand. At the end of it all it was more than anyone could have imagined: OVER One Thousand Three hundred Dollars in a bake sale!

How is this possible? Is not this country and its people in need? The congregation has experienced death, unemployment, loss of pastor, loss of building, family members with cancer and tumors in the last 16 months. Yet, a need was shared and hearts and hands went to work. Thought their numerous little efforts God made plenty. Plenty to bless, not only the receivers but givers as well. One’s environment does not dictate God’s faithfulness. He has promised to make the dessert bloom and never to forsake His children.

A man came up to the event coordinator in church and gave her 300 Euros (386 $) for the orphanage because him and his wife would be gone for the event, and they had not even sold one cookie at that point!! GOD always comes through and blesses us more abundantly than we can imagine!

These wonderful people joined in with the Orphan Sunday events and decided to go for a bake sale since they have some very gifted ladies there. The Sunday school kids also contributed by making bookmarks which they sold. The congregation was amazing and very supportive! Everybody walked away with at least 3 pounds of goodies!! Many people donated money. It was a great event and has definitely stirred up many hearts to look some deeper into orphan care.

Last year this Sunday School class in Greece sent toys and clothing to the children in Uganda. We assisted them to send their wonderful presents they prepared for the orphanage and each individual child. It was a blessed event for the children.

Thank you St. Andrews International Church in Athens, we love you for loving our children!

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