An update from Simona Stewart, House of Angels, Romania.

Dear Donors,

In our November newsletter we were telling you about a volunteer group of students and teachers from British Council School of Madrid. Their last words to the kids were: “we promise you we will come back…

Here we are seven months later with the same group and even a couple of new ones keeping their promises.

These tireless Students and teachers worked hard for several months to put together the biggest truck in the world full of medical equipment for the PT (Physical Therapy) room, furniture for the kitchen and classrooms, 10 computers, kitchen equipment, educational toys and games, clothes and shoes.

It was a massive donation effort and, as Aiden (the teacher coordinator of this project) said, “the huge truck was given for free use by a students’ family and seeing it I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to fill it up!   Paloma, Shelagh (the teachers) and all the students worked so very hard spreading the word and campaigned out to all the families and in several weeks the big truck was filled up and on its way to HOA!

All of us at the HOA spent four days to sort all the donations out and distribute them to the families in need, to local hospital and to completely furnish both kitchens at the HOA.

It’s absolutely impressive and beyond words or imagination the strength and determination of these students and teachers to start this project from an idea and finish it to it’s fruition, and see the children benefit.

I’m tired but soooooo happy!! 🙂

Thank you British Council School of Madrid!!!! We love you!



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