Lori on May 31st, 2009

Any non-profit organization is as good as the people that support it. I’m so proud to say that so many wonderful donors and sponsors have been a part of our organization since 1999. Our continual donors are the life of our work. They have made this organization’s humanitarian effort strong! Sadly, the hard facts are that we always have greater needs than our existing donor base can cover. Even more so now during this economic downturn.

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Lori on May 23rd, 2009

We are doing many projects to assist the orphans in our region, not only medically, physically but emotionally as well. Part of our projects are to remediate the children in areas of gaps and areas they might not be exposed to otherwise like fine arts, such as painting and music, sports, cooking, knitting and various other wonderful projects your donations allow us to do.

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Lori on May 22nd, 2009

I was contacted for permission to use one of the photos I shot several years ago in Romania at our House of Angels. This has been the most popular photo in my collection by far. Angie Tucker and Julie Hall were putting together a photo documentary about orphans and wanted to use this photo in their inspiration. I was so happy to see that again our Marian, now chosen as the cover photo of this moving photo collage, and would impact so many more people. In his life, he will never realize what great things his little face has inspired.

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