Dear Sponsors,

We are doing many projects to assist the orphans in our region, not only medically, physically but emotionally as well. Part of our projects are to remediate the children in areas of gaps and areas they might not be exposed to otherwise like fine arts, such as painting and music, sports, cooking, knitting and various other wonderful projects your donations allow us to do.

I’ve sent pictures and here you can see all of our art projects:

The boys are knitting scarves with their teacher who comes to the orphanage once a week. The boys are going to wear these scarves!  In September the boys will learn to knit mittens, socks to wear in the winter and later they will learn even how to knit sweaters. This is a new project I will start in September. I am going to meet this teacher soon to talk about the details. I’m very excited about that project.

You will also see the photos of the childrens’ art projects, paintings, drawings. These classes are held at the orphanage by Ludmilla their art teacher who patiently teaches both boys and girls.  Next year there will be more boys and girls involved in the  art classes.

I am so very glad we will also start a cooking classes not only for the girls but for the boys too! I am going to buy cooking pans for the boys.

I am going to meet with the sport teacher to arrange football (soccer) sports for these boys to have regular meetings. The boys are very interested in playing football.

In May I am going to visit three orphanages that are in the village for a tea party and rewarding the best students. I usually give 50 rubles (1.50 USD) for each child who is good at school.

In the photos you can also see the Amur River in May, the area where we are. Across this river is my summer Dacha (garden home.)

The women in the photos are Ludmilla and myself with the children.



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