Little Beggar Any non-profit organization is as good as the people that support it.  I’m so proud to say that so many wonderful donors and sponsors have been a part of our organization since 1999.   Our continual donors are the life of our work.  They have made this organization’s humanitarian effort strong!  Sadly, the hard facts are that we always have greater needs than our existing donor base can cover. Even more so now during this economic downturn.

Slower giving always comes at a time when many child charities, especially those that serve the international needy such as ours, face increased demands for assistance and aid.  The economy is tough everywhere in the world, not only the US.  Our children need more help than ever during all of these difficult times.  Global recession is real and tragic results happen when at-risk families have to make tough decisions about the future of their children.  Many of those decisions involve making that child permanently an orphan.

With our new website Dream of a Child, we have begun to work to expand our core base of donors and hope to engage new donors of all ages, especially those donors who have not been inclined to give on a regular basis. Small donations on a regular basis always are greatly needed always!   We want to create a heart of giving.

Our new website effort will include expanding not only the work with the children in the countries we service, but our online presence.   We want to expand to become more web-focused in our communications with our donors.

We wish to stimulate a heart for volunteerism with showing how other volunteers have felt and seen their own lives change by dedicating time to the children.  We want to bring to others this spirit of volunteerism and instill a mindset of service to new volunteers that will extend into a lifetime of change that is based on their volunteer experience.

Our goal has always been the same, to give to and love the children with whom we have been entrusted to help, regardless of the outcome.

During difficult economic strain you might ask yourself, how could I possibly help? There are many ways, and believe me, when it involves at risk of abandonment and orphaned children, we become creative in our thinking!

  • Instead of buying someone a gift, make a contribution to one of our projects in that person’s name.  We will send them a card and inform them what that contribution has gone to!  It will be a wonderful event for that person to be a part of something large in a small life.
  • Share the slideshows on our site with people you know.  Many people are not even aware of how many orphans exist in this world!
  • Host a gathering of people and tell them about how children are being helped with less than a dollar a day donation!   We would love to help you put something together in your community.
  • “Fast” something!  Giving up something like a daily soft drink, or candy bar not only will be a positive experience health wise, but will contribute to help the nutrition of the children in our programs that need supplements to their diet.  Fast and pray for one meal a week and donate the money that would have been spent on that meal to the work we undertake.  Budgets don’t change, but little lives can be saved or changed forever by this one act.
  • Don’t buy that magazine at the checkout stand.   Put that money in a donation jar instead!
  • Clean out your car, pockets and purse.  Put that extra change in a donation jar!  Make yourself feel good and give!
  • Get your children involved.   Children love helping other children!  Have a lemonade stand and take pictures, we would love to showcase our new little donors on our site!   Helping a child understand service to others creates a giving spirit!
  • If you can sew or knit, consider doing that for some orphaned babies!  We take “gifts in kind” of certain types!
  • Become a yearly donor in our “Operation Santa.”   Save up during the year and take a part in giving into a needy child’s life during holidays and make that so special for them.
  • Join us in prayer.

Creating a giving heart by donating time, prayer and creative finances to orphans, makes getting through this economic crisis much easier. Giving makes a person feel good. Giving takes our minds off of our own problems for a moment. Be kind to yourself by giving even a small one time donation.  Loving children who have no one, makes a person feel good. Love children now by remembering that they have nothing in their lives but survival.  Pray about how you can be used to help. Happiness makes contentment in life. Create happiness in your life knowing what you can do during even an economic crisis, will help!

You can be a part of raising up our most powerful and precious asset and future, our kids.  Help by planting that seed into our work with the children.   Their faces here say all you need to know about giving.

I would love to hear from you other ideas about giving as comments to this post!

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