The United States is trying to exert pressure on Romania to resume the international adoption of children after more than five-year moratorium on international adoption.This news story about Romanian Adoption appeared in the Sofia Echo News this week on July 23. I have also located a pdf copy of the letter that was presented. Romania needs international adoptions reopened for the sake of the children, and I’m glad to see that US Congressional members are bringing this issue to the forefront again.

The Romanian Adoption arena is a very politically charged story extending back for at least 20 years in Romanian History. In future posts I will highlight this history as different political events happen. As an adoptive mom of two beautiful Romanian children, I have great hope for the future of Romanian adoptions, not only in our ability to help those children that never will have a family, but our ability to assist children to eventually be able to find their forever families. This is something I pray about every night. I will not cease this cause.

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  1. Trisha Gartner says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! That would be so wonderful…we will be praying for a good decision on behalf of the waiting children. Many blessings…Trisha

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