Change is the only constant.

These five short words have never have rung more true than they do today. When I began working with orphans, nothing ever seemed to remain the same. The laws changed, the people changed, the economy changed, the government and political climate changed temperaments changed, and more often than necessary, the life of the orphan changed.

Our Angel

Special Angel

Although we haven’t seen the change we wish to see in the opening of international adoptions, we are getting closer to the orphans plight yet again. I remember taking teams of volunteers to the disabled orphanage next to the HOA for the first time. It was always a disturbing experience for some. We never exited the building with the same number of volunteers. We would lose some along the way. Disabled children that have been allowed to languish without treatment and therapy in this country is impossible for some hearts to witness. These exremes are really something unknown to most Americans. Without describing the small frailness of it’s contents, the disabled orphanage of Romania has long had a poor reputation for humane treatment of the child.

In August 2009 HOA took some of the children from the special needs orphanage while they renovated their building. Special needs has always been in the center of our vision. We have been working with these children giving them occupational and physical therapy now for many years. We have assisted with surgeries and treatments of children that would not have them otherwise. Taking in these children seemed like a wonderful fit again. Our halls that sang with orphan voices began to sing again. We felt like this was home again and we wanted so desperately to offer these special children some hope at a life with quality care. The Child Protection came to Simona with a proposal that she could not refuse.

It is with great joy we announce in September, 2009 we will re-open our doors as an emergency shelter once again. This time we will embrace children with special needs. We will begin with the tiniest and frailest babies from the hospital. We wish to start with these children so we can prevent institutionalization problems right away. So it is official. We are working on the budget now and we will have some emergency needs of our own to get baby care supplies and salaries for staff donated!  We will continue to need something we do not have currently, your full support!

How can you help? Right now we need donations of baby care items: hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, infant/toddler toys, shampoo, soaps, lotions, very gently used or new baby clothing 0-3, cans of regular, and soy formula, blankets, pacifiers and our biggest item, disposable diapers. We simply need everything again! Monetary donations can help even more so we can purchase these items in Romania immediately!

If you wish to donate goods please consider helping financially also with their shipping! Tax receipts will also be given for gifts in kind (donated goods)

Make payable to “Little Miracles International” on the “for” identification line of the check, please write the “House of Angels” and send to:

Humanitarian Projects
Little Miracles International
PO BOX 19776
Amarillo, Texas 79114

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