My mother was a driving force in my early life of learning to serve and give to others.   We were always taking in someone that was in need, giving a bed, a warm meal, sometimes to people we barely knew ate meals and slept in our home.  We gave until there was no more.   There was no fear or second thought, we always just gave.   We had little, but always sacrificed it to share with others.   I was raised this way, I am teaching my children to follow.   My grandmother was the same, preparing meals for the elderly and faithfully delivering them every day.

It turns out that giving is good for you and your health!!  CNN posted a very interesting article this month about charitable giving and volunteering.

If everyone gave time, money, talents or passion, what could that mean for individuals, communities, even the world?

“The power of giving is instantaneous, continuous and eternal,” he said. “When you die, you don’t take what you have.You take what you gave.”

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