Acholi Children

Acholi Orphans

I’ve just had the most amazing experience, meeting some of the poorest of the poor, the neediest of the needy and loving on children from the depths of Northern Uganda. I will never forget these little tribal children nor will I ever forsake them in their desperate need. We will immediately begin a sponsorship program with these children and I’ll let all of you know soon how you can help. Their faces will haunt me forever. I bought them 100 kilo sacks of rice, maize beans and posha, soap and salt. They get no meat protein.

I love these children now and I cannot imagine their life without our help. We must do more. They have qualified nurses but absolutely no medicines.  My heart has been changed, I’ve seen and I cannot forget.

These children do not go to school, sleep in mud/thatch roof huts, haul water on their heads for miles and yet they are joyful. This by far has been the most humbling trip I’ve ever been on. I want you to know these children and help me pray for them.  They are cared for by a community granny and two nurses who love them. This orphanage was founded and solely supported by a 24 year old former child soldier who cannot stand to see the children lost and without someone to care.

They sang and danced and drummed and told song stories to me. Although there was a language barrier the laughter filled the sweltering Ugandan air. They were joyful. Yet they had nothing. They were behaved. They were shy and lovely.

I had a disturbing mail regarding the orphans residing in Pader District. My children are sick.

When I arrived in Northern Uganda what I found there broke my heart. Children tragic victims of dozens of family members adults and children abducted and turned into soldiers, or brutally killed by the LRA (Lords Resistance Army) The AIDS epidemic has also orphaned hundreds of thousands of children there along with the desperate conditions that invite illness. The conditions for the orphans and in the IDP (Displacement Camps) are deplorable. Dirty water, walking for miles for food and water.   All are riddled with parasitic infections in their little intestinal systems.  No medical care. Everything is filthy. Only means of living is simply to survive to the next day. That is a huge task and almost impossibility each day. Before I arrived the children were maybe getting one meal a day. Yet they were so joyful. When I asked the children if they had questions for me, one raised her hand and jumped up and asked, “mama will you help us?”

Tearfully my resounding answer, yes!  I now have 20 children in Northern Uganda.

Little Miracles/Dream of a Child needs your help.

Twenty lovely orphaned children of the Acholi Tribe from 3 and up are in serious need. Total desperation. They have food only for 3 more weeks. (I’ve personally fed them for a month) They have no clothing but what is on their backs, and some of their little bottoms were out of the clothing due to the seams not holding up. Their clothing is ripped apart. They are riddled with various parasites, typhoid, cholera, HIV and filthy situations. Their conditions are worse than you can see on television commercials assisting children in Africa. There are two qualified nurses caring for these children but absolutely no medicine for them to use if the children get sick. They suffer in silence with no one to love them. I’m about to change all of that.

We now have children sick. This is a matter of life and death for them. If they become dehydrated or weak, the nurses must put them on their backs and walk 18 kilometers to help. These children are so very rural.

I will be purchasing first line medical kits to be put together in Kampala, Uganda and then shipped up by bus to the children this week. In these kits will be Typhoid and Cholera medication, Malaria treatment, antibiotics, anti-parasitic medication, anti-febrile medication, fungal cream for infections, first aid supplies antibiotic ointments and bandages and HIV first line medications. I will prepare the children for individual evaluations if I get enough donations.

I also plan on having a mobile ambulance built that they can put on a bicycle so they can get children to medical care quickly.  The other alternative we do not want to think about.   These children deserve someone’s love and care!  Please partner with me!

If you can only donate a couple of dollars this will help so very much. I appreciate anything you can do to help. God bless you all.

Please Donate Now!   Your donation will go directly to assist the children and will be tax-deductible.   Little Miracles International, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization.

You can send an instant payment by PayPal.

You may pay by check: Make payable to “Little Miracles International” on the “for” identification line of the check, please write the “Acholi Orphans” and send to:

Humanitarian Projects
Little Miracles International
PO BOX 19776
Amarillo, Texas 79114

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4 Comments on Call to Action: Acholi Children of Northern Uganda

  1. Lori says:

    For those of you responding to my plea, thank you! For those of you that have not, please consider that even $10.00, the cost of a fast food meal, would possibly change a child’s life forever! Can you give up one fast food meal for a child’s life? Can you help me help the children?

  2. BB says:

    It’s good too read your site again, i see some interesting updates here..

  3. Annmarie Kieffer says:

    Lori, My money is tight but I will try to send $20 on pay day. Love Annmarie

  4. Lori says:

    Annmarie you are precious and thank you so much. Would love to see pics, email us!!! God bless you!

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