I know our donors would like a little update on our Acholi children in Northern Uganda.

You can find our group on Facebook, called “Strong Heart Child Sponsorship”.   We will try to give frequent updates on the children.   There we have the group private so you will have to request to join:    Facebook Group for Strong Heart Child Sponsorship.


God called me and said “Go North.” I didn’t understand why but walked in faith when I arrived in Uganda. I had no fear. It was not an easy trip. I saw things I hope that no one has to ever see, yet I’m glad I saw them. In Northern Uganda I found the most precious children literally at the end of the earth, and at the ends of themselves, praying daily. I was shocked and deeply changed by what was revealed to me there in that war-torn zone of Northern Uganda.

This week I walked in faith again. I walked in faith that God would provide more, and hoped, the kind of hope that is Biblical. I had fervent belief that waiting will accomplish the impossible. It is so hard when I can’t just “fix things” for the children that I call family now. It is hard when you just can’t give them money and then that helps. It is hard when I hear Richard, their orphanage director say “Mama the food will end next Wednesday.” It is hard knowing that the kids need new shoes and clothes and medicine. It is hard when you can’t do a thing but get desperate with the children. You get down on your knees with them, and pray. You get down on your face. You go to that low place where only faith lives.

You beg God, the Lord of the Heaven and Earth to do what he only can do. ….and there I was in that place, and two Angels that heard my cry, sent a total of $200 to our program unexpectedly while I was talking to Richard on chat. We both got to celebrate and he promised to borrow a camera to take pictures for us.

The plan is to get all the kids new shoes and clothes! I pray there is enough, but you know what? God promised there would always be enough. So I have hope today, yet again for the multitude of tomorrows needs that the children have.

Thank you for the dear sweet souls who had their hearts touched enough to help. You are loved by all the children and they thank you too.

How can you help us help the children?

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