A Christmas Story From Jeannie Lorin, President of Beauty Society, Inc.

Many, many children n Jamaica live in ‘blissful poverty’.  The country is not so ‘third world’ that they are cut off from the rest of us.  They are smart and keenly aware of how we live because of television, internet access and wealthy people from all over that come to their country to vacation. The sad part is they know that other children around the world have so much more than they do, including how we here in the US and other countries, have our annual visit from Santa.

A close friend of mine Stayce Smith, from San Antonio Texas who lives part-time in Jamaica was asked by some Jamaican children recently if she believes in Santa. She said, “Of course!”. She explained to them that everyone believes in Santa, the kids replied, “Why does Santa not come to Jamaica?” She was heartbroken, more children chimed in and one child told her that they tell the younger children are told Santa was killed by a helicopter in an attempt to make them feel better about being left out, each and every year. That conversation, the mere thought that there are kids who feel that they are not good enough for Santa’s sleigh and reindeer to make a stop during his Christmas night around the world, has speared this ONE LOVE – ONE SANTA Christmas drive.

Teaming up with Little Miracles International, Beauty Society, with the help of Stacye Smith, all of you have the ability to make this a reality for some of the children in Jamaica. This will be the first year some of the kids of Montego Bay will see Santa! His first stop is the Montego Bay Public Hospital, a local hospital /orphanage. The kids will get to visit with Santa, and receive a small gift. A gift that will bring them joy and hope.

The process has begun.  An initial donation has been sent to some wonderful friends in Jamaica, and we have even shipped Santa’s suit!  Arrangements have been made for inexpensive toys, food and essentials to be given to needy kids. The wonderful people of Jamaica are so excited about this that hundreds are asking to volunteer in any way they can.  There is even a family that is donating some of their livestock (their own food) from the family farm to be the main course at a Christmas Feast in Santa’s honor.

Small children believe in Santa Claus but very few Jamaican homes have chimneys. So the Jamaican Santa shrinks in size to fit through the keyhole of the front door to a home! We just know our Jamaican Santa will fit just perfectly!

Please donate what you can, just $3.00 will bring love, joy, dignity and self respect to a child in Jamaica. You will feel overjoyed by knowing  that such a small sacrifice from you will be an enormous gift of generosity to these children.   So very little on your part will mean so much this Christmas.   Help Santa make his way up the mountain from Montego Bay this year…it will be a long journey, but Santa always arrives just in time!

There are two ways to donate:

Donate by PayPal by clicking on stocking below: (tax deductible contribution)

Another way to donate is to purchase a handmade Beauty Society denim and satin tote bag, a replica of one I purchased on my trip to Jamaica. They are fabulous trendy and hand made by mother for this cause! $5.00 from the purchase of the tote bag will go directly to the ONE LOVE – ONE SANTA cause. You will also receive a $5.00 Beauty Society Gift Certificate good towards a future purchase with your tote bag order. Tote bags are $25.00 and can be purchased through your Beauty Society rep or through www.beautysociety.com. Supplies are extremely limited as they are hand made, please order early.

Please also know that every penny is going directly to Santa visit!

Yes Jamaica there is a Santa Claus, and he’s coming to town!

All The Love,
Jeannie Lorin
President and CEO
Beauty Society, Inc.
Beauty ~ Wealth ~ Humanity

4 Comments on One Love – One Santa, Jamaica

  1. jeannie says:

    My heart fills with Joy. Thank you for taking the time to read my Christmas Story. If you have any pain, stress, depression, anxiety or angst a donation or a tote purchase with donation will make you feel better… I promise, because I BELIEVE! <3

  2. Lori says:

    Thanks Jeannie!

  3. stacye says:

    What a fabulous way to start the Christmas holiday. All of your donations will be making such a difference. Hoping we get to our goal and over, because we would like to also provide the poor with rice, flour, sugar..staple food while the children are visiting Santa. I am doing this because..I BELIEVE.

  4. Tiffani Brown says:

    I do believe for you and Stayce to take the time to come up with a charitable plan to allow the children of Jamaica to experience what children in America experience for Christmas time is heart felt on my end. Therefore I do not mind donating. I genuinely believe that the donated monies will be provided in Christmas gifts to the beautiful discplined children of Jamaica in which I’ve grown to admire and enjoy being around!

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