The Bake Sale for the orphanage was a HUGE success!

The Bake Sale for the orphanage was a HUGE success!

The Sunday School Class of St. Andrews International Church in Athens, said they would help, and they did! They had a bake sale, not the traditional bake sale. Think Greece…think Baklava and beautiful handmade cakes, cookies and pastries!!! People love our children all over the world!

Imagine an European country in the midst of a crisis and austerity measures. Imagine Greece, where for the few that still have a jobs, they find themselves making forty percent less than they did two years ago. Since they are employed, they are expected to support not only their immediate family, but extended as well. It is not that they do not look for work or desire to work, but the country’s unemployment rate is above twenty-five percent and major companies are leaving monthly. It’s capital loses families and young people weekly as they move back to the country side in order to start over and live off the land. As with the people so goes business: store fronts fold up and their windows are covered with newspapers. It’s law makers are above the law, but their constituents are asked to pay for their indulgences and greed.

Amongst such circumstances a call went out to help orphans. Yes, those that heard the call saw and understand need, frustration and hurt these past few years. However they knew they were still better off than the orphans in Uganda. So a small church congregation in the suburbs of Athens, Greece joined together and mixed sugar, wheat, eggs, oil and spices to bake goodies to sell for the orphans. One family prayed that they would raise six to seven hundred dollars while another family prayed for a thousand. At the end of it all it was more than anyone could have imagined: OVER One Thousand Three hundred Dollars in a bake sale!

How is this possible? Is not this country and its people in need? The congregation has experienced death, unemployment, loss of pastor, loss of building, family members with cancer and tumors in the last 16 months. Yet, a need was shared and hearts and hands went to work. Thought their numerous little efforts God made plenty. Plenty to bless, not only the receivers but givers as well. One’s environment does not dictate God’s faithfulness. He has promised to make the dessert bloom and never to forsake His children.

A man came up to the event coordinator in church and gave her 300 Euros (386 $) for the orphanage because him and his wife would be gone for the event, and they had not even sold one cookie at that point!! GOD always comes through and blesses us more abundantly than we can imagine!

These wonderful people joined in with the Orphan Sunday events and decided to go for a bake sale since they have some very gifted ladies there. The Sunday school kids also contributed by making bookmarks which they sold. The congregation was amazing and very supportive! Everybody walked away with at least 3 pounds of goodies!! Many people donated money. It was a great event and has definitely stirred up many hearts to look some deeper into orphan care.

Last year this Sunday School class in Greece sent toys and clothing to the children in Uganda. We assisted them to send their wonderful presents they prepared for the orphanage and each individual child. It was a blessed event for the children.

Thank you St. Andrews International Church in Athens, we love you for loving our children!

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