We welcome donations and sponsorship of the programs Little Miracles hosts. Little Miracles International, Inc. is a non-profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Any donation to this project will be considered a charitable donation which you can claim on your income taxes. 100% of your donation to this project goes directly to the projects selected, or the children in care.

What will your donation or sponsorship help to provide?

  • Warm balanced and delicious meals
  • Caregivers, “mamas” and nannies for daily care
  • New shoes, diapers, undergarments, clothing
  • Safe clean warm and secure environment
  • Medical, Dental, Eye treatment availability and evaluations
  • Loving nurturing care, teaching and mentoring and role modeling for the children
  • Developmental toys
  • Every day infant and child care needs
  • Occupational and Physical Therapy when needed
  • Social Services, Resettlement Planning and Counseling
  • Fine Arts Programs
  • Textbooks, school uniforms, school fees and school supplies
  • Personal Feminine Care Items so young adolescent girls can attend school
  • Sustainability planning for long term projects with micro-economic outcomes.
  • Vocational, Advanced or High Level University Education for Sponsored Older Orphans

Our projects are fully privately supported and LMI is financially responsible for the funding and keeping the current projects running. We would love to have your support in our goals!! You can donate by several methods:

How to donate:

You can donate online by credit card, or you can donate by sending a personal check or money order. You can specify where your money goes or we can choose to put it in the most needed area at the time.


Monthly Payments:
You can make a donation that is a monthly subscription and will be drawn from your paypal account each month. You can choose that amount, and cancel that subscription at any time. You must fill in each blank for the form to work properly.

Enter Amount of Monthly Donation:
Designation of Donation:

Choose the number of payments you would like to make:


To donate using a check or money order:

Make payable to “Little Miracles International” on the “for” identification line of the check, please write the project name or “General” and send to:

Humanitarian Projects
Little Miracles International
PO BOX 19776
Amarillo, Texas 79114


To donate online by credit card: Please click on one of the button options below, and donate directly to Little Miracles International.


Make a one-time PayPal donation: Funds instantly come to LMI.



Donate through JustGive (JustGive will give an electronic tax receipt) There will be a one month delay for Little Miracles to receive this money from JustGive.