unnamed (3)Women of Amarillo would like to personally invite you to “SWEET DREAMS”  Amarillo women making dreams come true for orphans in Uganda!  This event is to benefit a wonderful Children’s Home in Uganda.   The event will be held in Amarillo, Texas, November 19, 2015.  If you can’t attend, please consider donating below.

 The children’s home is a refuge for orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children.  They care for the children in the home and do community outreach.    The orphanage needs to purchase land to start agricultural and animal projects with the end goal of becoming a self-sustaining facility so they may serve children for years to come.   They struggle monthly to purchase items including clothing, food, formula and basic medical needs.  Currently, there are 20 children in the home.  There will be opportunity to set up orphanage sponsorship and child sponsorship at the event.  This will help the children’s home and the community children to have dreams fulfilled of going to school, and having a new pairSweet Dreams of shoes!  You can be a part of something greater, learning how this home is assisting families in Uganda to be reunited with the children that have ended up in the home, and being a part of helping resettle children properly back with their families and communities.


At this great holiday event, we will have donated items from local merchants, Gift Card Raffles that are amazing, Ugandan coffee (great for teacher’s gifts), handmade African bead necklaces, baked items, candles, handcrafted items, handmade Christmas wreaths, Christmas Scented Room Sprays, Ugandan Christmas ornaments, Ugandan wooden items, Holiday floral/plant arrangements, and much more!  Please consider this fundraiser as a great opportunity to help children as well as find unique Christmas gifts!


Although we have many great gift items to purchase, our goal is awareness for the most vulnerable. Your generous giving on behalf of these precious children is crucial! Through our humanitarian efforts and your generous tax deductible donations, we can bring hope to these orphans!


Share this post with everyone you know!  Join this event on FACEBOOK!



If you cannot attend the event and you would like to make a one time Tax Exempt Donation PLEASE DONATE HERE



If you cannot attend the event and you would like to sponsor this orphanage every month:

Monthly Payment Options
Designation Instructions



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Lori on July 7th, 2014

Dear LMI,

Well we are way overdue for our post HOA trip talk. I am slowly working on getting the pictures where I can send them to you via email. If you like I can send hard copies. Steve thinks you probably have a preference for email photos so that you can use them on your website. Just ask my family; sending photos is not our best thing.

Of course there is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t think about my trip to Romania. It’s hard to be so far away that even sending something as simple as a magazine is a production. In particular, I miss Fl orin Micu and his little sister Laura. My eyes fill up with tears every time I think about them. In case you hadn’t guessed by now, I completely fell in love with them. I hear this is a common hazard to visiting the HOA. All of the children there are so precious (even little Petru t, who bit me twice), but sometimes there is just a special connection you make with a child – I’m sure you know what I mean. I have not quite figured out what to do with these unsatisfied maternal feelings. I know it’s an odd thing to say coming from someone with four children, but I do feel like I have had to leave someone I love behind.

I really enjoy getting the newsletters. Now that I know the children and the staff from visiting, I am eager for every bit of news I can get. Simona (and so many others, such as you) obviously maintains her energy and persistence to provide for these children. I sent her an email and told her that she could let me know at any time if there is a specific unfilled need that I can help with. I don’t know if I was really any help when I went to HOA. In fact, sometimes I think I even got in the way. What really matters though is that I got to hold so many beautiful children. I sang to them and told them how special they are. In return, they gave me that childlike unconditional love that always astonishes me. The older ones became very possessive of me and would fight each other to get to me first when I came in the room. I could never have imagined that being so popular would make me feel so sad.

It was fun to shop for the children – I bought a cart full of groceries, a bag full of socks and tons of Romanian children’s books. What a joy to be able to share these basic things with them. However, when I left the HOA (in tears of course) all that shopping seemed so inconsequential. What I really wanted them all to have is a Mommy and a Daddy. Hopefully, the Romanian government can create that opportunity for abandoned and neglected children in the future. For now, I thank God everyday for those who work so tirelessly for and give so generously to this program. If I can’t bring Florin and Laura home with me, then my prayer is that this program continues to be strong and well supported so that all these little angels can continue to thrive in a loving and nurturing environment.

My only regrets from the trip were that I didn’t get to do any sightseeing in the mountains (which I hear are breathtaking) and that I couldn’t fit two children in my carry on luggage. I guess I’ll just have to go back someday with more time and bigger bags. Thanks again for letting me visit your House of Angels.

Love, Anne

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Lori on June 13th, 2013

me and toots good picWith 9.4% per 1,000 live births, Romania has the highest infant mortality rate in the European Union, the main cause being pre-term birth. According to doctors, one third of these deaths may be prevented through the development of mother and infant support programmes and by providing maternity hospitals and newborn wards with high-performance equipment.

Save the Children Organisation struggles to improve these figures, and has joined an international programme called Every One, conducted by Save the Children International and aiming at reducing mortality rates among children under 5 by 15% until 2015.

To this end, two years ago the Romanian organisation launched a large-scale project entitled Every Child Matters. As part of this programme, the organisation runs a fund-raising campaign called Welcome to the World. So far, this campaign has helped 15 maternity hospitals in Romania buy new equipment to save the children who were born prematurely. The funds collected last year by Save the Children Romania from individual and corporate donors exceeded one million lei. As many as 42 employees and 800 volunteers from across the country have become involved in this campaign to reduce child death rates.

At the end of the programme, Save the Children Romania was able to provide the Cantacuzino Hospital in Bucharest with a portable incubator and the Polizu Maternity Hospital with a medical ventilator worth 24,000 euros. Gabriela Alexandrescu, executive president of Save the Children Romania explains:

“According to our estimates, the equipment we have offered will help save 327 newborns and will ensure a normal birth for 380 babies. Naturally, we would like this programme to go on.”

Across the country, the medical equipment in maternity hospitals is insufficient and obsolete. To make things even worse, there is a chronic shortage of medical staff, says Adrian Craciun, the head of the Neonatology Department of the Cantacuzino Hospital in Bucharest:

“We are a small maternity ward. We only have 2,200 births a year, but over 20% of the infants in our care are premature babies, because newborns with problems are transferred here from other hospitals. Last week alone, we received three babies from three different hospitals, and two of them needed ventilation equipment. Unfortunately, we cannot take all of them in, because we don’t have enough beds. Our Intensive Care Ward only has 9 beds, and I’m afraid very soon we will not be able to take on any more transfers, because our facilities are insufficient. This is a serious problem, and I don’t know whether we can solve it.”

Under-funding remains a serious problem for the Romanian healthcare system. Adrian Craciun, the head of the Neonatology Department of the Cantacuzino Hospital in Bucharest says this year his unit received less money than last year for the four programmes it is implementing: the premature birth programme, the respiratory virus infection programme, the nutritional prophylaxis programme and a programme for the identification of hearing problems in newborns:

“Last year we received 4 billion lei, and this year only 600 million. This is a huge difference. We are literally living on last year’s funds. We used this money to buy everything we needed, but all of a sudden we no longer received any funding. You cannot treat a newborn with thin air.”

The Health Ministry will rehabilitate and provide equipment for 20 maternity hospitals around the country, under a World Bank-funded programme, State Secretary Adrian Pana announced:

“This programme to rehabilitate maternity hospitals and provide them with equipment, which is financed by the World Bank, is a long-term programme. Some parts of it have been finalised, others are ongoing, and we are discussing a new World Bank loan for further investments, for medical equipment, among others. But I would like to make one thing clear: child mortality is not exclusively related to maternity hospitals. Child death rates are a complex indicator that is relevant for the stage of development of a nation. It is very important to have well equipped hospitals where mothers and newborns may receive adequate healthcare services. But it is also extremely important for children safety and health to be ensured outside hospitals as well. The public healthcare system and other systems may do a lot in this respect, and this will reflect in the drop of child mortality rates.”

“All children have the right to live. No one can take that right from them,” says the executive president of Save the Children Romania, Gabriela Alexandrescu, who added that the organisation would continue to raise funds this year, so as to make sure that as many healthcare units as possible may benefit from the equipment they need to care for premature babies.

Radio Romania International   Balkans.com Business News Correspondent – 13.06.2013


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