We have urgent need for orphanage sponsors in our Uganda Orphanage where the Acholi Orphans reside in a little village with mud huts surrounded by the extreme conditions of the Northern Ugandan African bush and also in a children’s home located near Jinja Uganda.

These are abandoned, war-affected, AIDS orphans and children in the surrounding village community that have no hope of education without sponsorship.    They deserve a childhood, and currently only sponsorship can get them back on their feet.

After we are successful with protecting and getting the children into great health and educational circumstances we will begin phase II of our project with these children where they can learn how to sustain themselves in times of hardship, and to help them prepare for their future.

How can you sponsor?

Currently we prefer sponsors for the whole orphanage where our needs are the greatest. This will assist us to get the orphanage in the best conditions in the quickest way.

What will your sponsorship help to provide?

  • Warm balanced and delicious meals
  • New shoes, diapers, undergarments, clothing
  • Safe clean and secure environment
  • Medical, Dental, Eye treatment availability and evaluations
  • Loving nurturing care, teaching and mentoring of the children
  • Developmental toys
  • Every day infant and child care needs
  • Textbooks, school uniforms, shoes and School Supplies
  • Personal Care feminine items so young adolescent girls can attend school
  • Vocational, Advanced or High Level University Education
  • Emergency Medicines and First Aid
  • Transportation to Urgent Care and medical treatment

We welcome sponsorship of the programs in Uganda that Little Miracles hosts.  Little Miracles International, Inc. is a non-profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Any sponsorship to this project will be considered a charitable donation which you can claim on your income taxes.  100% of your sponsorship to this project goes directly to the projects selected, or to the service of the children in care.  You will receive a tax statement at the end of the year with your total donations so you may use for your return.

I’d Like to Sponsor a Child or help monthly with care items:

Monthly Child Sponsorship Options
Designation Instructions

Monthly Payments for Orphanage Sponsorship:

You can make a donation that is a monthly subscription and will be drawn from your paypal account each month. You can choose that amount, and cancel that subscription at any time. This payment will go to help all the children in the orphanage.

Monthly Payment Options
Designation Instructions

Once you have made your subscription we invite you to join our Facebook page where we post frequent updates on the children, answer questions and talk about concerns and pray for the children and workers. Since this is a request-only list you will have to be approved to join.

Strong Heart Child Sponsorship, Uganda Facebook Page